Got a Traffic Ticket?

Brevard Traffic School Got a Traffic Ticket?

According to recent statistics about 112,000 people a day receive a ticket. No one enjoys seeing the red and blue lights in their rear-view mirror, but chances are most of us have been in this situation.

Common questions after receiving a traffic citation are:
• Does signing a ticket mean I admit I am guilty?
• Do I have to appear in court?
• Should I hire an attorney to represent me?
• Can I go to traffic school?
• What happens if I don’t pay my ticket?

The way people sometimes run into more serious legal problems is when they don’t pay the citation or contact the court to dispute the ticket. When someone ignores a traffic ticket, it does not go away. It remains in effect and can cause you to lose your license, pay additional fines or even be arrested!
It is very important that you pay all the fines associated with the ticket on time.

  • No Points will be placed on your driving record
  • State Approved in all 67 Florida Counties
  • Take your 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course online
  • Insurance Rates will not go up
  • Work at your own pace – Log on and off anytime